VDI 2700 Load securing

The new German standards VDI 2700 8.1 et 8.2 for load securing on car carriers will be published in few months and they will be applicable to all car carriers operating in Germany.

In order to provide you with a certificate of compliance with VDI 2700 8.1 or 8.2 for your car carriers, please send the list (Excel table if possible) with the truck identification number and the trailer identification number of your fleet, together with the completed and signed Lohr inspection report or a VDI 2700 8.1 or 8.2 report from an accredited laboratory (TÜV or DEKRA)to Lsc@lohr.fr.

You will find enclosed the inspection instruction and the Lohr inspection report to download if you do not have a report from an approved laboratory:

Please note that this certification depends on the year of first registration and the vehicle’s configuration.
A certificate will be issued at a cost of €425 excluding VAT (for car-carriers that are less than 15 years old).

The certificate is issued only after receipt of the duly completed inspection protocol and payment of the invoice.

The inspector is responsible for the accuracy of the documents. The car carrier owner is responsible for ensuring that regular VDI inspections are carried out.

For car carriers older than 15 years old, please send us the serial number so that we can draw up a quotation for the cost of the certificate. A reception by LOHR INDUSTRIE will be necessary.

In addition, in order to complete your car carrier’s on-board kit or to make it VDI 2700 8.1 / 8.2 compliant, “VDI” lashing straps and wheel chocks are available at LOHR SERVICE.

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The norms are available on the Beuth Verlag website:

Currently available projects:
Test protocols
VDI 2700 Blatt 8:2023-10 – Entwurf

– Light vehicles
VDI 2700 Blatt 8.1:2023-10 – Entwurf

– Heavy-duty vehicles
VDI 2700 Blatt 8.2:2023-10 – Entwurf