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Engineered to be adapted on tractor chassis with short wheelbase (3 800 mm+/- 100 mm), the Eurolohr 200 range is a family of bodies & trailers intended to carry out loadings of light vehicles and light utility vehicles with driving track going above the axles.

A long trailer

This up to 12 meters long trailer allows for a higher loading capacity than a trailer for the “traditional” configuration (rigid truck + trailer), while providing better loading angles. It is much more user-friendly, and the load can be optimized to comply with each country’s road regulations.

Stacking systems are optimized, few accessories are required. Depending on the model, the operating position is ensured by hydraulic cylinders with mechanical stops.

A double use road tractor chassis

Using this homologated kind of tractor chassis gives the following benefits :

  • full compatibility with ISO semi-trailer
  • better selling price on second hand market
  • flexibility and financial advantages by sub-contracting the tractor part (renting): maximum use of the car carrier, more investment capacity, commercial reciprocity (free choice of the tractor make)

A body removable in a few minutes

  • usable in relay conditions
  • swapping of tractor chassis without convoy standstill
  • Quick coupling on homologated double type tractor chassis, wheelbase between 3700 and 3900 mm
  • low cost body swapping and nil standstill duration.
  • Reduction of idle time for both elements during maintenance.

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