Railway System

The Lohr Railway system is a universal road-rail technology with Modalohr wagons for the safe and ecomical transport of standard road semi-trailers on the European rail network. A proven, high-performance solution for sustainable and eco-responsible transport.

Thanks to low-floor and articulated MODALOHR wagon, developed for fast horizontal transhipment of standard semi-trailers, Lohr’s rail-road technology has already made it possible to transfer 2 million trucks from road to rail in 20 years and saved more than 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 on the 5 rail motorway lines in service :


  • “Autostrada Ferroviaria Alpina” on 175 km between Chambéry (Aiton) and Turin (Orbassano)
  • “Lorry-Rail” over 1040 km between Luxembourg (Bettembourg) and Perpignan (Le Boulou)
  • “VIIA Britanica” over 1470 km between Calais and Perpignan (Le Boulou)
  • “VIIA Britanica” over 1050 km between Calais and Turin (Orbassano)
  • Over 800 km between the Port of Sète and Calais
  • On 1000 km between Luxembourg (Bettembourg) and Poznan (Swarzedz)

It is a truly competitive, safe and environmental friendly solution, immediately operational, complementary to road transport and capable of absorbing the transit traffic that saturates the road and motorway networks. It combines the flexibility of the road with the advantages of the rail for medium and long distances.


Railway System Production :

Railway System :