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The MODALOHR system

The innovation comes from a simple idea: to put trucks on rails to save on long transit journeys and to overcome the obstacles placed on the road by men and nature.

Target market for standard semi-trailers

In Europe, most of the semi-trailers are not compatible with conventional combined transport. The LOHR system is specially designed for horizontal loading of standard semi-trailers.

Thanks to its efficiency in the smallest European rail gauges, the LOHR UIC wagon is the only wagon that can carry standard unaccompanied semi-trailers up to 4m high on the French, Spanish, Portuguese and Franco-Italian Alps networks.

  • Blue line “lines accessible to 4m high semi-trailers with classic pocket wagons and LOHR UIC”.
  • Red line: “lines accessible to 4m high semi-trailers on LOHR UIC wagons”.
  • Dotted red line: “Lines accessible to 4m high semi-trailers on the LOHR UIC wagon after detailed examination or minor work”.

A Complement to Combined Transport

Compatibility with vertical loading/unloading in existing traditional combined transport terminals.

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The MODALOHR wagons

The LOHR UIC wagon makes it possible to transport standard 4 m high road semi-trailers on the main European lines with a minimum gauge of UIC GB1 without any modification to the existing infrastructure.

The MODALOHR system terminals

The LOHR system incorporates simple transfer terminals of different lengths with ground systems to enable wagons to be opened "at an angle".

References and Projects

Since 2003 and the commercial deployment of several railroad lines highways, LOHR Railway System has proven its reliability and performance in real operating conditions and has become a reference system for road-rail modal shift.