Our Corporate Social Responsibility

A leading player in its market, the LOHR Group has constantly anticipated, diversified and adapted itself to new requirements and usage patterns since it was founded in 1963.

In an even more open and connected world, the LOHR group seeks to keep ahead to develop today the solutions of tomorrow.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the main theme connecting human, environmental and social issues, for ever greater sustainable performance.

For LOHR, under an overall presence on 3 continents, CSR comes within the worldwide framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined by the United Nations in 2015.

LOHR’s CSR arises from innovation, and our innovations nurture our CSR.

Our CSR approach is based on three themes driven by this momentum:

Establishing the fundamentals that constitute the Group while promoting the spirit of conquest, continuing to act as a pioneer and keeping a leading position, and finally, consolidating the operational performance of LOHR.

Establishing the fundamentals

Establishing the fundamentals means firstly maintaining and perpetuating an identity and culture specific to us, placing human capital at the core, a real source of innovation and therefore growth for the group. Then, establishment also concerns the regions where we are located and our local ecosystem in France and internationally on three continents (Europe, Asia and the Americas), in a process of creation of shared values (jobs and economic fabric, partnerships, trials,…), notably in the Strasbourg region, which has the historical industrial sites and the head office of the Group. Finally, establishing our fundamentals involves production with concern for the environment and an activity capable of providing, at the international scale, robust solutions for sustainable mobility, meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century related to climate change.

Keeping a leading position through innovation

Keeping a leading position through innovation, with and for our stakeholders, both internally with our teams of employees, and externally with our partners, to fruitfully move our solutions from development to commercialisation. Preparing for the future and acting as a pioneer must also enable us to develop sustainably, taking into account new requirements and usage patterns in transport in the design and deployment of our products and services, as well as new managerial and government expectations and conditions for the attractiveness and influence of LOHR Group.

Consolidating our operational performance

Consolidating our operational performance involves consideration of our human capital and particular attention paid to working conditions (health and safety, working environment, adaptation of sites,…).

Training and cooperation are historical enablers serving the performance of LOHR Group: the use of apprenticeship, skills development, exchanging experience between sites… With an aim of constant progress, our operational performance must be able to be evaluated, and be evaluated, by our internal and external stakeholders (quality and environment management, standards and certifications, CSR approach with quantified goals and significant indicators,…), which currently constitutes a necessary action plan to be implemented.

Our sustainable business lines

For over 60 years, LOHR Group has been designing and producing innovative solutions for transport systems for goods and persons. The group is present throughout the value chain, from design and manufacturing to the commercialisation of solutions that fulfil the needs of companies, and local authorities.

3 branches of activity:

Our responsible values

The pioneer spirit and the spirit of innovation are the founding values of LOHR Group, serving its ambition and development goals. This process of innovation is based primarily on trust and humanity that is shared by the women and men of the company. LOHR’s employees come together around humanist values (respect, loyalty, solidarity, trust, benevolence). They define themselves by their commitment, the quality of their work and the high level of their know-how. They are devoted to the satisfaction of customers and to ensuring that everyone can flourish in the company.
These values, which now permeate the whole Group, were largely inspired by Mr Robert Lohr, its founder.

Innovation, as « an enabler and veritable motor » of LOHR has been driving the « Lohriens » for over 60 years, guiding and nourishing our Corporate Social Responsibility.

« My intention has always been to enable our teams to be pioneering and innovative in their fields. There is no way to ensure the continuity of the company other than meeting new challenges. »

Robert Lohr, Founder of the Lohr Group

The LOHR Group in figures



France Location of the head office

€466 million

2019 turnover


Export turnover


Employees including 1000 in France and 15 nationalities in the Group


Engineers and technicians in the research and development division

120,000 m2

Industrial estate of buildings spread over 3 continents, including 100,000 sq.m of land on a site in Alsace

A network

And a service offer worldwide assistance, maintenance, training, fleet management, after-sales service…

6 factories

Divided over 3 continents: France – Turkey – Serbia – India – USA – Mexico a global network and a range of services throughout the whole world: assistance, maintenance, training, fleet management, after-sales service,…

100 service points

In Europe and 4 subsidiary points in France ( Paris – Lille) – Russia – Spain